The “Unfair” Advantage

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What is it?

The “Unfair Advantage” is all about positioning your offering as something that will not only give an edge over the competition, but something that is deemed to be a “secret” or in some way “unfair”.


Why does it work?

It works because we all want to be ahead of our peers and our competitors. The lure of a “secret” or a magic pill which will give you an edge that others don’t have is exciting and harnesses FOMO.


How can you use it?

Think about your offering and what you do. Notice how the competition serve the marketplace and notice how your results differ from your competitors.

If you get faster, better, easier results for clients than the your competition, then understand how you make this possible (your process of working) and use this as your “unfair” advantage to not only articulate how you do what you do, but to create an information gap too.

We use the C.L.E.A.R methodology to articulate how we work. It’s intriguing and if it underpins all we do then surely it can work for you… right?

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