The Signature Effect

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What is it?

The Signature Effect is about making your offering recognisable by creating a “signature” element. Something that is the same throughout all you do.

Why does it work?

It works because as human beings we notice patterns and spot trends. When we see the same words or colours we form a more solidified image in our minds. This means that not only are you more memorable, but that when you create new products or services and include the signature, they will be more recognisable. It’s essentially creating your own Schema for your offering.



How can you use it?

Can you include imagery, colours, words or features of your offering that can be the same throughout? The Signature for Clear Sales Message is Black and White. We also produce short, easy to action content so you know that anything new from us will be just as simple to implement. Think about “how” you do what you do and if that can be turned into a recognisable “signature” for your business.



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