The Repetition Effect


Understand Your Buyer > How To Get Attention > The Repetition Effect

Understand Your Buyer > How To Get Attention > The Repetition Effect

What is it?

The Repetition Effect is quite simply repeating things so they are noticed and understood.

Why does it work?

If you want someone to understand your offering and proceed to buy, you need to repeat why they should care about your product / service. As Human Beings we are simple souls. Making a couple of good points about your argument and repeating them will ensure you breakthrough our 8 second attention span. It’s also utilising The Recency Effect where we are more likely to remember the last thing we hear or see.



How can you use it?

By using a “recap” and bullet point lists to repeat the most important points about your products or services, you can ensure the message gets through. Catchy tag lines are a great way to utilise repetition as each time your client recalls the tagline, they are once more repeating why they should care about your offering.


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