The Real Time Effect

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What is it?

When speaking with clients about timescales, it’s more effective to use real world timings (12th September) rather than abstract concepts (7 working days).

Why does it work?

It works because it allows your buyer to understand in a real world and contextual way, precisely when they can expect your offering to be delivered or to deliver the result it offers. Making this small shift from abstract to real world takes your buyer a step closer to buying as they imagine your offering in their world on their terms on a specific date.



How can you use it?

Depending on your timescales, experiment with using real time instead of abstract concepts in your conversations and your proposals. If you have a website and sell from it, then consider adding this alteration to allow visitors and buyers to know precisely when to expect something before they order it.You’ll notice that Amazon already use this technique in their product listing, advising when an item arrives (the word “arrives” subtly implies that you have already decided to buy). It also gives you a countdown timer to achieve that delivery timescale which adds a level of scarcity and urgency to the proceedings.



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