The Ratner Effect

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What is it?

Famously, a businessman by the name of Gerald Ratner described his own products as “crap” and it led to his demise.

Why does it work?

If you want to lose the sale, then far from promoting confidence, certainty and expertise, if you publicly question or insult the quality or ability of your offering, then it serves as an instant and permanent deterrent to your buyer. Your job is to believe in your offering and to promote it, by describing it as “total crap” you are being disrespectful to your buyer and signalling potential quality issues that can invoke their risk averse nature.



How can you use it?

If you want to lose the sale, then describe your offering as “total crap” demonstrates that not only do you not believe in your offering and know that it’s worthless, but that you find it funny too and think your buyers are foolish for buying from you. Taking this approach will have a 100% success rate in destroying your chance of making the sale and may just begin the downfall of your business overall.

The fact is, if you have any doubts about your offering, you need to fix and improve them. If you don’t believe in your offering how can you expect your buyers to?





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