The Life Milestone Effect

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What is it?

The Life Milestone Effect is all about tailoring your offering to the significant milestones of your buyer.


Why does it work?

It works because as buyers we are looking for the most relevant and capable solution to our needs. By targeting life milestones in particular (a branch of WYSIWYG) we can reassure our buyer that we are the “safest possible” purchase for them as we are relevant to their needs.


How can you use it?

Depending on your offering, how could you position your products or services to be suitable for birthdays, marriages, deaths, anniversaries, retirement and other significant life events?

A travel agency for example could advertise holidays as ideal for “baby moons” (the holiday before you have a baby) or ideal for those who have newly retired and want to see the world. By changing focus slightly in this way, we stay close to selling the destination, not the journey.


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