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What is it?

Using Martin Luther King as our example (classic equivalence) we’re talking about products, services and businesses that have a larger vision, stand for something or in some way “have a dream”.  You can attract, engage and convert clients who share the same vision and values as you if you make clear what your vision and values are.

Why does it work

It works because it goes beyond “making the sale” and connects with your buyers on a different level. We know that Apple computers are more expensive, but we know they “believe” in a simple user interface that just works and so we’re happy to pay more knowing what we will get.

Buying something for a greater reason, a context or a strong “because” can change everything. Think about TOMS shoes who donate a pair of shoes to charity each time they sell a pair. TOMS have a vision to help those worse off and supply shoes to them. It’s something that the people working at TOMS believe in and you can too.


How can you use it

Do you have a goal, a mission or a belief? If you do, then make this vision clear to your staff and clients alike. Be clear on your mission, the larger context of what you are trying to achieve and what you passionately believe in.

Remember – this is about more than just making the sale.


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