The Challenge Effect

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What is it?

The Challenge Effect is about achieving certain results in a limited timeframe, providing support and guidance along the way.


Why does it work?

It works because most people love and respond well to a challenge. It also adds a defined limit and tangibility to your offering or marketing which may have been absent.

A challenge generally has a defined goal and a defined set of steps to achieve it – this implies the result is “guaranteed” if only the person followed the steps you provide them.



How can you use it?

You can do two things here.

Firstly you can have a social media style engagement campaign where over XX days everyone completes tasks, answers questions and interacts with you and others. This strengthens their relationship with your brand and allows them to experience your offering.

The second is to package your services as a 7/14/21/30 day challenge – delivered either in person or online. By providing tangibility through a defined number of days it can help move clients to buy as they understand better what they are getting.


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