Sell the destination, not the journey

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What is it?

Your buyer’s primary concern is with the end result they seek. Focussing on the “destination” and end result your clients seek will naturally capture their attention and engage them.

Why does it work?

It works because as human beings we are naturally self focussed. Your buyers are focussed on their needs and as a seller, you are focussed on the details of your offering. By switching focus from what you offer to what that means for the buyer you are “speaking their language” and thus more likely to engage with them.



How can you use it?

Putting this into practise is simple to do, but difficult to remember as your natural inclination is to focus on yourself.  When communicating with buyers you need to start with talking about what matters to them most – what are they trying to achieve? what would success look like to them? Once that’s established then you can relate that to your offering.


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