5 Selling Basics


In selling, there are 5 basic truths that can help anyone of any ability to improve their performance. They are as obvious as they are basic, but that doesn’t mean they are a daily practice for most of us.

Selling is simply a matter of communication. It’s a conversation with money at the end.

Sometimes we forget this in our hurry to close a deal and reach our targets. We unknowingly put our needs first and pursue the outcome of making the sale.

This article is a reminder to slow down and focus on what’s important – the basics.

My advice is always the same: Be clear. Be confident. Be yourself.

Let’s get started.


1. If they don’t understand it. They can’t buy it.

Selling is about good communication and finding a connection point. How many times have you met someone and not really understood what they “actually” do? This is a problem. (For them as a seller that is).

You need to be aware that the burden of proof is on you as a seller to make your offering as obvious as possible to your buyer. If a potential buyer doesn’t understand your offering then they can’t buy – even if they really need your offering.


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2. If they don’t care, they won’t buy.

Why should anyone care about your offering? As buyers, we judge the world harshly looking out for what we want and need. We’re quick to dismiss things which don’t appear to meet our needs or that seem incompatible to us (as well as things we don’t understand – see point 1).

As a seller, you need to be very clear and obvious from the get-go about why anyone should care about your offering. Oftentimes this comes down to the end result the buyer wants. What is the positive emotion or situation your buyer will experience with your offering? THAT is why they should care.


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3. If you don’t tell them, they won’t know.

Assumption is the mother of all… LOST SALES. All too often we use jargonistic language and concepts that clients don’t understand and we assume they know what something is or why it might be important.

I don’t think you can ever insult someone by explaining something to them. At worst, they will politely tell you they already understand and that you can move on. At best, you have maximised your chance of engagement as the person may never have bought as they simply weren’t aware of all the facts – they didn’t know what they didn’t know.


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4. Sell the destination. Not the journey.

In airline adverts, you will notice that 95% of the time there is no plane or plane seat in the advert and yet this is what they are “selling” to you…right?

The airlines intrinsically understand that they need to connect with what you “really” want (which is a relaxing break with your significant other for example) and not what they are selling (an economy class seat to Paris). By focussing on the most attractive part of the encounter- how it would feel to be relaxing over a romantic meal in Paris, they can engage you with what you want (Paris) and then what you need (a ticket).


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5. Always have a call to action.

The final piece of advice works for adverts, emails, and conversations. Just what do you want your potential buyers to actually do?

Be CLEAR with your buyers about what you want them to do- is it to subscribe, to download, to buy, to like, to share? Having an objective to your communication will help you achieve what you are trying to achieve.


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To conclude.

So there you have it.

5 selling basics that can have a definite impact on your sales performance. Notice the absence of pressure, techniques and trickery. Everything is simple and easy to action, there is always magic in simplicity.


Remember: Be clear. Be confident. Be yourself.

Like this kind of stuff? Want more?

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